sid.quah | the digital all-rounder
I call Kuala Lumpur my home. I'm merely visiting everywhere else.

My initial education was acquired back home, and the rest of it was abroad.

I landed my first job in an advertising agency that went on to be one of the most awarded agencies in the world. There's no better way to sum up my 'origins' and career progress there than to tell you what was printed on my name card: 'Light, Sound & Magic'. I don't know what that meant. I know I was mainly involved in integrated campaigns, video production and digital breakthroughs in BBDO/Proximity Malaysia.

When the lights dimmed, the magic faded, and the sound began to quieten, I crossed an ocean to Singapore.

I began a short stint as a Multimedia Video Producer in Quadmark (formerly known as Intuition Consulting Pte Ltd), a web consultancy firm. I then moved on to one of the biggest media agencies in the world.

Multimedia Manager was my new designation. I was in charged of social media planning, mobile activation as well as video production in Omnicom Media Group.

After that, I had a little more than half a year of experience as Producer in a post-production house. Mainly handling new business, operations, client servicing, creative/quality output and technical workflow of the entire post house.

Currently, I'm fulfilling the position of Video Lead in a digital studio, under InterPublic Group, called CMGRP. I manage and lead the video production of all sorts and also photography. From pre-production to post-production. Taking care of both technicality and project management.

When I get the time, photography and videography are my vices.

They say good things come in small packages. I am still trying to prove that they are right.

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